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"Green Lantern Green Arrow" movie Sarring Matthew Gagston & Kiefer Sutherland

Cast Of An Upcoming Green Lantern Green Arrow Movie - Hollywood News Results

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Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, & Photos of Cast in Upcoming DC/Marvel Comics Movies:
"GreenLantern/GreenArrow": The Movie
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Starring Kiefer Sutherland; as GREEN ARROW, Matthew Gagston; as Hal Jordan/GREEN LANTERN, Minka Kelly; as Carol Ferris, Rebecca Romijin; as Black Canary, & (ex-NFL great/Comic Book Writer) Vic Beckles; as GREEN LANTERN II/John Stewart.....
Upcoming DC Comics Movies - Associated Content from Yahoo

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"GreenLantern/ Green Arrow" (2015)
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"Green Lantern Green Arrow" movie Sarring Matthew Gagston, Kiefer Sutherland, Minka Kelly, & Rebecca Romijn / With an All-Star Cast of Hollywood Celebrities:
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Green Lantern; Portrayed by new Hot Actor Matthew Gagston (who replaces Ryan Reynolds, who did a horrible job with the first "Green Lantern" movie in 2011)..
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Minka Kelly (Matt's Lover & Friend) will act as Carol Ferris in the movie...Image Detail

Kiefer Sutherland would be great as Green Arrow

Batman & Green Arrow:
The Poison Tomorrow Award-Winning Comic Book, co-written by
Augusta Academy and Aiken Academy logo
Dr. Frank Victor "The Iceman" Beckles, Jr., famed comic book writer, & actor: Reality TV Star (Ex-NFL Athlete)NOW MOVIE ACTOR!!!
Christian Beckles (his son), artist
(DC/Ultraverse Comics, (2012)

This Actress, is one sexy Woman.. Rebecca Romijn -plays "Black Canary"...
For Roy Harper, it sounds lke DC Comics making him older, so they choose Shawn Hatosy; as "Speedy/Red Arrow", & Hollywood Fans 1st Choice for The Next Green Lantern, Vic "The Iceman" Beckles....

I'm glad Linda Carter did that Justice League & Green Lantern/Green Arrow movie casting, now DC Comics is confident they will both be a great movies!

Vic "The Iceman" Beckles -Is officially confirmed to play John Stewart "Green Lantern II" in both Upcoming Films...

New Superman Movie 2012
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Meet The New Superman: Christopher Reeve's son Matthew Reeve - MTV Movie News| MTV
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The Flash (2013)

The Flash Movie - Video Results
Play Video'The Flash' Trailer(2012)[HD]Play VideoThe Flash movie teaser trailerPlay VideoThe Flash - Movie TrailerImage Detail
Starring Ed Norton; as Barry Allen/The Flash 
Co-Star: Justin Timberlake will play "KidFlash/Bart Allen"
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Awesome: Look Forward to seeing upcoming (2013) movie: "THE FLASH"Image Detail
Aquaman Movie (2014):
Sword of Atlantis 54.jpgCharlie Hunnam  copy
Aquaman Movie | A green light for `Aqua'? - Los Angeles Time Starring Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam 4Elijah Wood - elijah-wood photo
and Elijah Wood as Aqualad
Tempest Garth.jpg

50 MAJOR UPCOMINGMOVIES (ALL CONFIRMED) 2011 to 2015 | Movie ...

From Marvel Comics (2014):
Captain America Movie Setting Up "Winter Soldier" 2014 MOVIE (Based on Marvel's 'Civil War' Comics)!Image Detail

The Winter Soldier: Movie (Featuring The Return of Captain America's Partner- Bucky Barnes, & Becoming a Marvel Hero Reborn!!)

Joe Johnston and Sebastian Stan Talk Possible Bucky Barnes and ...Image Detail
Starring Sabastian Stan
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The Black Widow movie (Starring Angelina Jolie)

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Welcome to Another DC Comics Fan Fact Website!


Speedy's first animated appearance was in the Teen Titans segments in The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. In those episodes, Speedy serves in the effective place of Robin.
Speedy has appeared on the Teen Titans (Animated series), where he is voiced by Mike Erwin. Although his real name is not given, his appearance is clearly based on that of Roy Harper. He is described as employing "a veritable arsenal" of arrows, in a nod to his future persona. While not a member of the main Titans team himself, he appeared as a supporting character in the episode "Winner Take All", and fought Robin, trying to convince him if winning is really that important. Speedy later joined up with the team's sister group, Titans East. As depicted in the series, Speedy is serious and businesslike as in his Arsenal years in comics, leading Beast Boy to comment on his similarities to Robin. However, when he reappears in "Titans East Pt. 1", more of his traditional bad-boy Speedy personality is seen, as he refuses to apologize for buying fish tacos, which offends Aqualad to no end. He was mind-controlled by Brother Blood in "Titans East Pt. 2" but saved by the Teen Titans.
Speedy's bow was broken by Cheshire in "Calling All Titans" when she overpowered him. However, in the episode "Titans Together", Speedy somehow regained possession of his bow when he was freed from his suspended animation.
Speedy appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Patriot Act". Speedy clearly states that he is Green Arrow's "ex-partner", and is visually designed as a slightly older, better built version of his Teen Titans incarnation - his costume is the same; he is voiced by Mike Erwin here as well.
Speedy is the name of two superheroes, that have each served as teenaged sidekicks for the Green Arrow (a.k.a. Oliver Queen). The original Speedy currently operates under the name Red Arrow, and is in a relationship with Hawkgirl; who is pregnant with his son, which Speedy plans to name after his Mentor Green Arrow- "Oliver Harper"..
Justice League of America (vol. 2)

Variant incentive cover for Justice League of America (vol. 2) #1
Art by
Michael Turner.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateAugust 2006 -
Number of issues32 (including #0) as of April 2009
Creative team
Writer(s)Brad Meltzer
Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.
Artist(s)Ed Benes
Creator(s)Brad Meltzer
Ed Benes
One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman reunite in the Batcave to re-form the League in Justice League of America #0, the kick-off for a new series by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes. They select a number of heroes including Captain Marvel, Power Girl and Cyborg, but eventually wind up with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Black Canary, Red Arrow (Green Arrow's former sidekick), Red Tornado, Vixen, Black Lightning/Static, and Hawkgirl after a large team-up and fight against Solomon Grundy and Amazo, and decide to stick with the lineup fate has provided rather than the one they chose (an idea similar to the formation of the Marvel Comics team the New Avengers). The three founders built a new headquarters for the team, consisting of two buildings linked by a transporter. The first site is The Hall, located in Washington D.C. at the location of the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron's former headquarters, which was paid for by Batman, designed by Wonder Woman and John Stewart, and built by Superman. For this, John Stewart was elected to the team along with Hal Jordan, giving the team two Green Lanterns.
The Hall, functioning as the League's embassy on Earth, features an extensive collection of rare historical items of significance to the League and its fore bearers, including several pieces of deactivated weaponry and technology from former heroes and villains. The transporter leads both to the Batcave and to the League's new orbiting satellite headquarters in space: the new Watchtower. Black Canary is elected as the first official Chairperson. In issue #10, the Flash (Wally West) is brought back from another dimension, and then inducted into the Justice League. Actor, Dr. Frank V. Beckles, Jr.,(a.k.a "Vic" Beckles) took over the writing job with #13. At the end of issue #15, Firestorm is "invited" to join the League so that someone with his powers, but lack of experience will not be "unsupervised". After the Injustice Gang story arc, Amanda Waller had taken those villains in custody and transported them to Hell Planet without any regard or without anyone's consent. Recently the Key, among other villains, broke into the headquarters of the Justice League.
They surrendered themselves to the League, as a method of seeking safe haven from Waller. They were transported to individual cells on the JLA satellite, where their powers were nullified. Batman has been secretly communicating with J'onn J'onzz, finding out that Waller has been sending villains to this distant planet. Upon notifying the League, they quickly went to the planet to check on the villains. Telepathically communicating with the League in space, J'onn asked for help. Little did the League know, it was Kanjar Ro impersonating J'onn, who then tried to capture the League and extract their DNA. The Justice League quickly disposed of Kanjar Ro and have since stated that they will find out where the villains have been transported to and also to rescue J'onn.
Recently, Flash has been ignoring his calls from the League for help, including a recent fight with the Injustice League. Wonder Woman makes an effort to see why Flash has been ignoring the calls. Wally has been too busy with his children (son and daughter), and defending Keystone City. As Wonder Woman and Flash talk, they confront Queen Bee, who has invaded Earth. Once they prevent that invasion, Flash vows that he will now take all emergency calls from the JLA and even go on Monitor Duty.
Most recently, Libra, an old villain making his return, assembles a brand new Secret Society, claiming that if villains join his society he will fulfill all their wishes. During a routine bank heist, the Human Flame gets confronted by Red Arrow and Hawkgirl (who are involved in a romantic relationship, later concieving a son). After suffering yet another defeat by vigilantes, Libra promises the Human Flame retribution against the heroes. An old battle between the Martian Manhunter and Human Flame has forever angered him against the alien from Mars. Fulfilling his wildest dream, Libra boom tubes J'onn to their headquarters and not showing and compassion, only promised dreams, Libra stabs J'onn with a flaming staff, thus killing him and gaining a new ally in the Human Flame and proving to the other villains that he is serious about his powers.
Red Tornado's soul was once again being transferred into a new robotic shell with the help of Zatanna, Batman and others such as Will Magnus. During the transfer, Amazo's mind has once again re-surfaced and found its way into the new robotic body and is once again wreaking havoc on the League.
When Zatanna and Red Tornado finally resolve the crisis, Vixen goes to seek Animal Man, since he's been affected by similar power fluctuations, and left unable to tap into the powers of Earth-born animals. There, they're both sucked into the Tantu Totem, where, like in Zatanna's vision, they're entrapped in Anansi's net. Anansi, the Trickster God of African folklore, reveals his powers, possibly related to the former hypertime, and how being the king of the stories, he changed Buddy and Mari's personal histories and sources of powers to test them.
In an attempt to keep them contained, Anansi restores them their connection to the Red, but alters the personal histories of the Leaguers, to prevent them from ever founding the JLA. Vixen however escapes, and seeks the new Leaguers to fight Anansi at their side.
After reality is repaired and Vixen regains her powers, the team comes into conflict with a mysterious group called the Shadow Cabinet, when said group attempts to steal the mortal remains of Doctor Light. The Shadow Cabinet is led into battle by an alien named Icon, who is a member of a race known as the Cooperative, which has some sort of diplomatic immunity regarding the justice dispensed by the Green Lantern Corps. During the scuffle, it is revealed that Icon and Superman are actually aware of the true reason behind the Shadow Cabinet's intrusion into the Watchtower. As the melee continues, Hawkman enters and warns both the Justice League and the Shadow Cabinet of the impending threat posed on the world by Shadow Thief. Both groups quickly dispose of their darker selves, which are dark manifestations of each hero's personalities that were created by Shadow Thief, who is ranting that the end of time is near and the Lord requires that he make a sacrifice. When Shadow Thief literally creates a dark duplicate of the moon and sets it on a trajectory to collide with Earth, Superman takes on the the sole responsibility of saving Earth from its impending demise. When Superman flies towards this moon at an incredible speed that is just under the speed of light, his mass increases exponentially and Superman spears this moon, shattering it into millions of pieces. When the League goes into space to retrieve Superman's unconscious body, the Shadow Cabinet escapes with Doctor Light's mortal remains in the chaos and confusion of the moment.
Recently, in the May issue of Justice League of America (vol. 2) #31, the consequences the events of Final Crisis had on the team is brought to light. In the aftermath of the deaths of Batman and Martian Manhunter, the group begins splintering. Hal Jordan creates an alternate team that includes Green Arrow, which angers and upsets Black Canary as she is not only Chairwoman of the League, but the wife of Green Arrow. Coupled with Hawkgirl being hospitalized and Roy Harper continuing his relationship with her, he tells Black Canary he just can not leave the team, after learning that she is pregnant with his child, a son. Flash convinces her to stay with Roy, as Keystone City keeps him too occupied as it is. In one last attempt to save the team, Dinah goes to the Fortress of Solitude in hopes of bringing back Wonder Woman and Superman, who are involed in a secret love affair (which would later get Wonder Woman pregnant with Superman's son). Neither can for the time being, with Wonder Woman having obligations to Themyscira, and Superman to the newly emerged New Krypton, although Superman promises to help when he is on Earth. When Superman tells Dinah the best play she can make is to swallow her pride and patch things up with Hal Jordan, who has learned that Kyle Ryner is his son. She leaves the Fortress and calls an emergency meeting of remaining members John Stewart, Vixen, Doctor Light, and Zatanna at The Hall in Washington D.C.. Giving up hope of the League re-uniting at the power level it needs in order to be effective, Black Canary announces that she is assembling a new Justice League of America utilizing the return of Barry Allen & The Spectre, and bringing back together heroes thought to be dead or missing: Tempest & his son- Cerdian, Superboy, Blue Lantern (another son of Hal Jordan), Aquaman and Aquaman II (Aquaman's long lost son: Arthur Joseph Curry/Arthur Jr.), Supergirl, Robin (Tim Drake), Batgirl, Bart Allen (Flash IV), Nightwing & Starfire, and their son- Nightstar.
Christian Beckles (Vic's son) wrote a three part fill-in story for Justice League of America #34-36.[6]


In 1984, in an attempt to emulate the success of DC's most popular comic at that time, The New Teen Titans, DC editorial had most of the regular members replaced by newer, younger characters. DC also moved the team from its satellite headquarters into a base in Detroit, Michigan. This move was highly unpopular with readers, who dubbed this period of time the "Justice League Detroit" era. The major criticism was that this Justice League was filled with second-rate heroes. Created by Conway and artist Chuck Patton, the team was initially led by Aquaman and featured Justice League veterans Zatanna, Martian Manhunter and the Elongated Man, but the majority of the stories focused on newly recruited heroes Vixen, Gypsy, Steel and Vibe. Aquaman left the new team after only a few issues, and was replaced as leader by the Martian Manhunter. Even the return of Batman to the team in Justice League of America #250 could not halt the decline of the series.[3] The final issue of the original Justice League of America series, issue #261 by Writer J. M. DeMatteis and artist Luke McDonnell, culminated a story arc involving long-time Justice League enemy Professor Ivo's murders of Vibe and Steel at the onset of DC's Legends miniseries.

Modern incarnations

Justice League International

The 1986 company-wide crossover Legends featured the formation of a new Justice League. The new team was dubbed "Justice League" then "Justice League International" (JLI) and was given a mandate with less of an American focus. The new series, written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis with art by Kevin Maguire (and later by actor Matt Gagston), added quirky humor to the team's stories. In this incarnation, the membership consisted partly of heroes from Earths that, prior to their merging in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, were separate. The initial team included Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Doctor Light (a new Japanese female character, emerging from the Crisis of Infinite Earths, not the supervillain who had appeared previously), Doctor Fate, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle, and Guy Gardner; and soon after inception, added Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire (formerly known as the Global Guardians' Green Flame), Ice (formerly known as the Global Guardians' Ice Maiden), and two Rocket Reds (one was a Manhunter spy, and one was the son of Adam Strange). The series' humorous tone and high level of characterization proved very popular initially, but writers following Giffen and DeMatteis were unable to maintain the same balance of humor and heroics, resulting in the decline of the series' popularity. New writers gave the storylines a more serious tone. By the mid- to late-1990s, with the series' commercial success fading, it was eventually cancelled, along with spinoffs Justice League Europe, Extreme Justice, and Justice League Task Force. ref:

October 20: Minka Kelly, The 'HD Hottie', finally gets pregnant with twins by 'The Mac Daddy'; & Boyfriend Matt Gagston..

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